Sunday, July 12, 2009

Headmaster Ben (just kidding)

Hello! Everything has been so great here in Uganda. I've considered applying for the open head master position at SMK (I'm sort of kidding).

One thing I have noticed is the great need for basic medical care. I never thought I'd get so much use out of my first aid kit! One P6 boy had by far the biggest sty on this eye. I didn't really do much for him but apply some heat but as he sat in my house after we had cleaned everything we spoke for a while. Somehow his family situation came up and he told me that he has both his parents but when he returns home he suffers great abuse. His father has married four women and Ronald feels as if he's the hated one of the family. They do not buy him clothes and rarely feed him while the other siblings receive kind treatment. When I asked him how he thought God felt about his situation he said that God doesn't care. I could do little more than hug him and tell him that God hates the abuse he receives and feels his pain while attempting to share with him the great news of our God of compassion. Because his parents do not pay his school fees or give him anything, all he has is a shabby outfit. I had the great privelage of buying him a school set which comprises of a class uniform, compound uniform, and sports wear, all for only $20.

One of the great opportunities that TTW is beginning about which I look forward to sharing with you more when I return, is a child sponsorship program. The girl that I (/the Prinz family, I hope :) have chosen to sponsor when I return is named Rebecca. Rebecca is from the North and was orphaned as a result of the war. I also bought her a school set and it was so cute to see her the next day looking at her outfit. I cannot wait to share with you how you can get further involved with these kids who have literally nothing.

Teaching has been going very well. I feel as I have finally gotten into the groove of things. I have never seen a group of people so eager to learn everything from the Bible to Math. The students are making a lot of progress especially in math. They make fun of me now saying I say think too much.

Many have asked about my living situation. I finally have a toilet although I need to go to the well every morning to fill the toilet. Although, I lack a lot of the comforts of home, I would not trade living at the orphanage for anything. I grade for a few hours after school, read, and then hang out with the kids until around nine. They are such an amazing group of kids whom I have grown to love. It will be incredibly difficult to leave. But I'm eighteen, so I technically do not have to right, Mom?

The TTW GUTS team has arrived and are doing well. They will be working on the clinic accross the street from SMK. Please keep them in your prayers.

I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. Thanks for your prayers and support! See you soon!


A.R.Calo said...

So good to hear how GOD is using you. I was focusing on an old hymn this afternoon—most of which challenged me/ reminded me of you. One verse says better anything I can say. Love and prayers,A.R. Calo

In a service which Thy will appoints
There are no bonds for me;
For my inmost heart is taught “the truth”
That makes Thy children “free.”
And a life of self renouncing love
Is a life of liberty. —Anna Waring, 1850

GMP said...

Hey Benji - regarding the Headmaster thing...let me talk to mommy...sounds a lot less expensive than college... :)

Cathy said...

We are so touched by your enthusiam and joy that is conveyed through your blog. Continue the good work you are doing.

We look forward to hearing all about your experience when you come back.

As always you are in our daily prayers.

Cathy and Michael Eng