Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ethnographic-Area Interviews Day 2

Yesterday, Wednesday, Erin and I continued our surveys of the Greater Sydney Area. We visited Bankstown, Eastwood, and Chatswood. In especially these three suburbs, I was again reminded of the value of solid evangelical and biblical churches here in Australia. The diverse population is absolutely astounding. In one of the towns (Erin has our notes and is typing them as we will have to present our finding the Jim and Claudia on Saturday so I don't know exactly which one) we encountered two students from India who had been in Sydney for a few months; two Korean students who were planning on returning to Korea; an Aussie; a Filipino lady; and two Chinese men. If the church, by God's grace, could take hold of Sydney or even a section of this city, there could be, again, by God's grace, worldwide affects.

These potential worldwide effects is a missional strategy which I have begun to understand more fully in the past two years as a result of my visit to East Asia and now Australia. Right now, the main region quite averse to Christianity is the Middle East/Muslim nations. In a sense, the United States can do little to directly evangelize the Muslim regions due to our connection with Israel, Christian beginnings, etc. However, it is widely agreed upon that Muslims are far more open and receptive towards Asians than any western nation. For this reason, much of the missionary efforts of the West have been to reach China and Korea in order to see the kingdom expand not only in eastern nations but throughout the Middle East as well. As I said above, one thing that I have come to realize after spending just a week in this great city is the overwhelmingly vast Chinese and Korean population here either studying or permanently living. If, by God's grace, the Spirit would capture Australia and especially the Greater Sydney area, through the faithful proclamation of His Word, I believe Australia could be, with Korea, the largest missionally-minded center of Chrsitianity to the 10/40 window (see below). Would you please continue in prayer with me for this great city? It has become so clear to me in the past week how huge Australia could be in God's plan of redemption.

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Mama Abby said...

Hey Ben!

Your post just reminded me that you are in SYDNEY! Remember the "Man from George Street" that we listened to and how his simple, faithful gospel witness was world-wide??? You should listen to it again while you are there! How inspiring would that be!!??