Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Safe in Sydney

Praise God that I have finally, after a twenty-three hour flight, arrived in Sydney. My journey began with a bit of a scare when Air Canada informed me that I would not be able to fly to Australia due to the fact that I did not have a visa. After a few calls by my Dad, we informed the airline that they could obtain a visa for me online. After a stressful thirty minutes, I had a visa and was on a plain headed for Toronto.

Upon my arrival in Toronto, Canada, I had about a three hour layover. From Toronto I flew to Vancouver, and from Vancouver we flew to Sydney arriving at about 8:00 AM on July 2. I then finally met Jim and Claudia Jung, the couple with whom I am living and working. They are a lovely couple with a heart for the local church and people. (Claudia is also a wonderful cook :))I also met Erin Clemmer, the other intern who has been in Sydney for about a month now. She too is a young lady with a heart for the ministry and I am excited to begin working with her.

We then took a quick tour of the city and headed home.
After washing up and settling in, I was given a brief introduction and outline of how I should be spending my next month. Following our meeting, Erin and I went out around the city again wherein she introduced me to the public transportation system and showed me around a bit. Sydney is by far the most beautiful city in which I have ever been. The only American city that I think comparable to Sidney in structure and "feel" is Seattle. Jim said that if you combine San Diego, Seattle, and Manhattan you get Sydney.

After our tour of the city, we returned for dinner. Right now it is almost 9:00 PM as we watch the sporting event of the year, game three of a best of three series named the State of the Origin (Rugby) between New South Wales and Queensland. Rugby is perhaps my new favorite sport :)

Thank you so much for all your prayers and I look forward to sharing with you all that happens here in Sydney this month. Please check back for more pictures and hopefully a daily update.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you made it safely. We will continue to hold you in our daily prayers. Blessings!

Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

After all you did to get there, we're glad to hear you arrive safely in Sydney. Thanks for having a blog to keep us updated and share your experiences. We will be praying for you.
Blessings from The Engs