Friday, July 11, 2008

Ethnographic-Area Interviews Day 4

Erin and I again went to survey the Greater Sydney area. Today we visited just two regions but did a lot more study as they are two potential areas of the church plant. The first region we surveyed is called Crow's Nest. Crow's Nest is pretty much the wealthiest region in Sydney and thus Australia. We ran into some very interesting and insightful people today as I asked my usual questions. Erin and I work very well together. I do much of the questioning and talking as she takes the notes and navigates. The second region we went to is North Sydney. North Sydney is where Jim plans to plant the church.

To recapitulate, the first two days of interviews, Erin and I studied the more diverse, ethnic, and lower-class neighborhoods. Thursday and Friday, we went to the less diverse and affluent regions. I found the first two days very interesting but I enjoyed studying the latter regions more.

From this experience and thinking through the different conversations, I have learned a lot about church planting. The importance of knowing and understanding how your context thinks is so important. For example, the structure of a church in Auburn, a poor, Muslim, Turkish, and Eastern European area should be quite different from the type in Darlinghurst, an artsy, wealthy, homosexual community. I also learned how to better develop questions which really got to the heart of the information for which I am looking. These first two weeks have been so interesting and exciting. Please continue to pray for HCC and Sydney. Thanks again for all of your support!

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