Friday, July 25, 2008

Fourth Week

Tomorrow is my last full day in Australia! Crazy crazy!

This past week was called our "debriefing" week wherein we compiled all of our study and either emailed or presented it to Jim. On Tuesday, we worked primarily on the needs of Sydney, North Sydney, and Ryde. Apart from simply compiling all of the research we had already conducted, Erin and I also contacted all of the different community centers and volunteer agencies to identify for Jim where the Church may become involved. All three are different regions of Sydney and within them are different what they call "suburbs."

Wednesday, we worked on those particular suburbs within the regions. Unfortunately, by the time we had our meeting with Jim, I had come down with a fever and some type of stomach bug. That pretty much took me out for the rest of the day and most of Thursday. Praise God that I am pretty much 100% (That would've been one awful flight, if they let me on that is). For those of you who heard about my illness and prayed for me, thank you.

Today, Friday, was my packing day because missionaries from Queensland have come to stay with Jungs from now until Wednesday. For this reason, I'm moving into one of the church member's house for the next two nights. I still cannot believe that tomorrow is my last full day in Australia!

My flight leaves at 10:30 AM on Sunday and I arrive in Canada at 7:00 Sunday night. I then head to Atlanta, Georgia for a short time with most of the MTW interns from around the world. It should be a great time to meet some new people and be encouraged by their various experiences. Thanks again for your prayers!

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